5 symptoms to know you are pregnant How can you know in case you are pregnant?

But many a moments a skipped period may not always be due to conceiving. Missed periods can be a result of stress also, strenuous exercise, travel, weight problems or hormonal imbalance. Some other symptoms which help you determine if you’re pregnant are: Nausea: Most women that are pregnant undergo a period of overpowering nausea during the pregnancy. This might vary from person to person. For some, the nausea is in the form of sickness in the early morning hours which fades with the passage of the day. For some it may linger during the day. Tiredness and exhaustion: In the original stages of being pregnant the mother tires very easily and would need to rest frequently.Our research was not designed to show a standard survival benefit, and the amount of deaths is still low . The likelihood of surviving 4 years after randomization was high for both combined groups. This result might be linked to the intensive technique we used also to the activity of new agents which were used to take care of relapses.18 In our study, an extended follow-up is still necessary to assess the function of lenalidomide maintenance on overall survival. McCarthy et al., who conducted a similar randomized, stage 3 trial that compared lenalidomide with placebo for maintenance therapy after transplantation in myeloma, reported a survival benefit in favor of the lenalidomide group.19 The adverse events reported in the lenalidomide group were in keeping with established toxicity profiles of lenalidomide.14,15 The most typical adverse events were hematologic.