59 percent of Vietnamese fishery workers are HIV-positive.

All rights reserved.. About 0.59 percent of Vietnamese fishery workers are HIV-positive, prevalence could rise by 2013, survey says Around 33,000 of the full total 5.5 million workers in Vietnam’s fishery sector, or around 0.59 percent, were living with HIV in 2008, regarding to a survey released Tuesday by Vietnam’s fishery program, VNA/VOV News reports . The record also predicted that the number of HIV-positive people in Vietnam’s fishery sector could rise to 58,000 by 2013.The business employs 83 approximately, 000 people and marketplaces its products in a lot more than 130 countries. Abbott’s information releases and other info are available on the business’s website at.

ADHD in the Genes, Study Says What can cause attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD? A new study factors the finger not at poor parenting or too much sugar in the dietary plan but at heredity. Researchers at Cardiff University in Wales compared the DNA of 366 children with ADHD to that of 1 1,047 children without the problem. They found that kids with ADHD were much more likely to possess little segments of DNA that were duplicates or missing. ‘We hope that these findings will help conquer the stigma connected with ADHD,’ Professor Anita Thapar, the study’s lead writer, said in a written statement.