8 billion spent by American hospitals on contract labor could be saved through better management.

‘We put together this study to greatly help hospital administration and the public get a better knowledge of the dynamics of the issue, along with some feasible solutions.’ In addition to analysis of historical and current data, Trends in the Use of Agreement Labor among Hospitals consists of a research study of a built-in healthcare company that has faced its staffing problems head on and achieved excellent results through the innovative solution it created. In August 2004 using data through 2002 American Hospital Directory published the first contract labor study. The study released today is the second in this group of reports, and incorporates data through 2003 and preliminary data for 2004.Beneath the CRADA, the U.S. Naval Health Research Middle will conduct comparative tests of Adamas’ TCAD therapy against different strains of the influenza A virus, including seasonal influenza , avian influenza and novel influenza A/H1N1. The objective of these research is to assess the in vitro activity of TCAD therapy against different circulating and/or extremely pathogenic strains of the influenza A virus, aswell as to evaluate the in vitro activity of TCAD therapy to various other pharmaceutical brokers when used alone or in double combination. Data from these experiments will be utilized to advance the development of Adamas’ TCAD therapy as a potential broad-spectrum antiviral therapy for critical infections caused by influenza A viruses.