Aastrom secures US patent for autologous cell therapy product Aastrom Biosciences.

The issued patent, entitled Mixed Cell Populations for Cells Repair and Separation Technique for Cell Processing, broadly addresses an isolated cell composition for cells repair comprising a combined population of cells of hematopoietic, mesenchymal and endothelial lineage. The business’s patented single-pass perfusion technology allows the selective expansion of certain cell populations which have been proven to promote wound healing, brand-new blood vessel formation and tissue restoration and address the underlying inflammation connected with CLI. The patent establishes the novelty of our cell populations which we believe create a greater combined therapeutic advantage than purified cell populations or freshly isolated bone marrow cells.Luo Xie Long, CEO of Zhejiang Wansheng commented, ‘3SBio is a leading player in the biopharma industry in China. Signing up for the 3SBio group shall expand our pipeline and industrial capability, and additional drive the development of Wansheng. We anticipate focusing on these opportunities with this 3SBio colleagues.’ Zhejiang Wansheng currently has 55 item approvals addressing the oncology, diabetes, cardiovascular and dermatology areas. It has 13 production lines capable of producing various medication delivery types, including tablets, capsules, TCM granules, injections, tinctures, lotions and ointments, all GMP certified recently.