Abortion: Federal courtroom blocks N.

U.S. District Court Judge Catherine Eagles granted a request for an initial injunction sought by many national and state civil rights companies that sued past due last month. Eagles upheld all other provisions of the statutory rules, at least before lawsuit is definitely resolved . Politico: Judge Halts Fetus ‘Heartbeat’ Laws A federal judge blocked parts of a controversial NEW YORK legislation that required abortion providers to provide an ultrasound image to women that are pregnant for looking at, describe the fetus’ features, and provide the opportunity to listen to its heartbeat, reviews the AP .‘We are very happy to continue the very successful relationship we’ve with Adventist Health System,’ stated Robert S. Pryor, President, Agfa Health care, Americas. ‘Adventist Health stands as testament to your track record with this customers. At Agfa Health care, we seek to make sure our clients that their journey from analog to digital will be efficient and effective. The Florida Division, the initial system to employ our Four Point Assurance Program [2], is now 95 percent digital system-wide because of the combined efforts of Adventist and Agfa Health care. More than 50 other services are getting involved in this program today to better bring in the innovative technologies.’ [1] Notice1: 1 US$ = 0,74704 Euro [2] Note 2: Agfa HealthCare’s Four Point Promise Program assures Agfa HealthCare customers their journey from analog to digital will end up being efficient and effective.