About Emergency Contraception Talking to your children about sex could be daunting.

For those who have questions about how exactly to talk to your daughter or son about sex, consider consulting your physician. Lots of parents find this difficult to tackle, and a doctor might offer some helpful perspective. What Is Emergency Contraception? Emergency contraception is a method to prevent pregnancy after unsafe sex. Often called the morning-after pill, crisis contraceptive pills are hormone supplements that can be taken any moment up to 120 hours after having unsafe sex.7, 2007, and may be filed online via the federal grants portal, After review, a complete of no more than three grants will be awarded.

Aetna achieves full pharmacy advantage management accreditation from URAC Aetna Pharmacy Management today announced that it has been awarded full pharmacy benefit administration accreditation from URAC, an independent health care accrediting company that evaluates and monitors PBM’s for quality, effectiveness and safety. Aetna Pharmacy Management had received accreditation from URAC in 2007 previously. We are extremely proud to achieve complete accreditation from URAC, said Laurie Brubaker, head of Aetna Pharmacy Administration.