According to a Henry Ford Hospital research.

Women survey that acupuncture improves their energy and clearness of thought also. The study, published online this complete week in the Journal of Oncology, may be the first randomly controlled trial to compare acupuncture and drug therapy in this real way. ‘Acupuncture offers patients a safe, long lasting and effective treatment option for hot flashes, something that affects nearly all breast cancer survivors. In comparison to drug therapy, acupuncture actually has benefits, as opposed to more unwanted effects,’ says study lead writer Eleanor Walker, M.D., division director of breast services in the Department of Radiation Oncology at Henry Ford Hospital. According to the National Tumor Institute, one in eight women will establish breast malignancy in her lifetime.The bottom layer acts as a circuit that gets those electrical impulses and translates them into biochemical text messages that nerve cells can read. In this scholarly study, the researchers proved that the sensory signals could be used in brain cells from mice. But if the epidermis were to be utilized with prosthetic limbs, how would sensory signals reach the mind? Chortos said the goal is to essentially allow the prosthetic to ‘plug in’ to the nervous system. ‘We see it having the ability to stimulate nerves that are left following the limb amputation,’ Chortos described.