Accumetrics indications a distribution agreement with Grifols for its VerifyNow System in Spain.

This distribution contract will continue to broaden Accumetrics’ reach in both scope and geography, and enhance the growing amounts of countries where physicians have access to the VerifyNow Program. The VerifyNow System assesses response to life-saving antiplatelet therapies, such as for example aspirin, Plavix, Effient and GP IIb/IIIa inhibitors. Patients respond to antiplatelet medications differently and these exams help doctors ensure their patients are receiving the perfect treatment. ‘We’re incredibly excited to find distribution of our VerifyNow Program reach Spain, Chile and Portugal. We have selected Grifols as our exceptional partner predicated on their demonstrated marketplace development expertise and also their existing customer foundation,’ said Timothy I.3.5 mm . The common % stenosis was reduced the stent-graft group than in the balloon-angioplasty group . At 6 months, the incidence of binary restenosis was significantly greater in the balloon-angioplasty group than in the stent-graft group . Restenotic lesions were, typically, considerably shorter in the stent graft group than in the balloon-angioplasty group . At 6 months, the presence or absence of remote control secondary lesions that were required to have been treated before research enrollment didn’t negate the patency benefit of the stent graft over balloon angioplasty.