Action on climate transformation shall save lives.

Canada’s physicians strongly believe that the fitness of the world’s people must be the central account when governments deliberate on open public policy whether in the home or abroad, says Anne Doig, president of the Canadian Medical Association. In Copenhagen, Canada must intensify and have a collaborative approach to use it on climate change. Canadian nurses point out that voluntary action by individual Canadians is not enough to resolve the problem of climate change, in the home and overseas.Observe how several ’emotion families’ you can come up with. Keep a emotions journal. Take a short while each full day to write about how you are feeling and why. Journaling about your encounters and feelings builds emotional awareness. You also can express an emotion creatively. Make art, compose poetry, or compose music that captures a particular emotion you’re feeling. There’s lots more you can try, of course. For instance, you can test identifying the feelings an artist is wanting to mention as you examine poetry or listen to music, recognize just how you feel in response then.