ADHD drug enhances cognitive decline in menopausal women According to a new study.

‘There are approximately 90 million post-menopausal women surviving in the US by itself, and with the average age of onset occurring at 52, the great majority of these women shall reside in the postmenopausal state for at least one-third of their lives. Therefore, promoting healthful cognitive maturing among menopausal women ought to be a major public health objective.’ The Penn-led team administered a once-daily dosage of LDX for four weeks to 32 healthy, non-ADHD-diagnosed women between the ages of 45 and 60 experiencing problems with executive functions as a result of mid-life onset menopause, and as measured using the Dark brown Attention Deficit Disorder Level . All participants served as their personal controls by being randomly designated to cross-over to a placebo for an additional four weeks.As well as the supply of HIV DBS and testing sample collection for study use, Abbott is certainly collaborating with CHAI to build up a ‘turn-key’ laboratory alternative, including schooling protocols on instruments that will be used to establish completely functioning molecular diagnostic laboratories in areas where such facilities do not presently exist. ‘We’re very happy to become collaborating with the CHAI in its proactive outreach effort to test infants in developing nations for HIV,’ said Stafford O’Kelly, mind of Abbott’s molecular diagnostics business.’.

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