AG Mednets picture transfer service surpasses 2 million/month mark AG Mednet.

The ongoing company achieved impressive growth in utilization in 2010 2010. From 1 to December 31 January, users from 58 countries utilized AG Mednet to deliver over 14,000,000 images to a multitude of diverse repositories, weighed against 7,000,000 through the same period in 2009 2009. This degree of continuous growth has additional demonstrated the robustness of our provider, and validates the scalability of our global network footprint, stated Abraham Gutman, President & CEO of AG Mednet. The automated system, which enables the de-identification and secure, seamless digital transfer of study data from sites to trial image repositories, enhances site protocol compliance while providing comprehensive reporting for regulatory requirements..Ultimately, web-based data collection, parallel analysis of a huge selection of traits and diseases, and automated genotyping lead to low priced research highly. 23andMe’s a lot more than 60,000 customers are invited regularly to participate in a range of research projects; eligible and consenting customers will be invited to become listed on this study during 2011. The task described is supported by Award Quantity 1R43HG005807-01 from the National Human Genome Analysis Institute. The content is solely the duty of the authors and will not necessarily represent the official sights of the National Human being Genome Study Institute or the National Institutes of Wellness.

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