Aging skin is to turn to well-known injectables for a plumping and tightening-effect.

Always at the forefront of the latest anti-aging skincare technologies, Manhattan-structured JUVA Laser and Skin Middle specializes in the Accent Dual Mode RF System. The technology may be used to deal with an array of aesthetic conditions. According to JUVA Epidermis & Laser Middle director Bruce E. Katz, M.D., some of the benefits of the approach are that it is non-invasive, requires no anesthesia, and is a virtually painless skin rejuvenation treatment. ‘Skin tightening laser treatments that are less invasive and offer for a speedier recovery have become important to patients today,’ clarifies Bruce E. Katz, M.D., director of JUVA Skin and Laser Center. ‘With the Accent Dual Mode RF System patients notice a significant difference in skin laxity immediately following the procedure.’ Accent Dual Mode originated by Alma Lasers Ltd., a respected developer and marketing expert of light-, laser – and radiofrequency-based aesthetic devices used in dermatology.However, to our knowledge, there were no trials of the discontinuation of co-trimoxazole therapy in kids and there are no data from sub-Saharan Africa, where bacterial infections are common and malaria is endemic frequently. A systematic review14 of co-trimoxazole prophylaxis combined with the initiation of Artwork in HIV-contaminated adolescents and adults in resource-limited settings showed a reduction in mortality of 58 percent . However, because most studies had brief follow-up, the length of effective treatment cannot be determined; the longest research showed survival benefits of co-trimoxazole during 72 weeks of ART but no effect thereafter.15 We report the effect of stopping versus continuing co-trimoxazole prophylaxis in children and adolescents who were receiving long-term ART in the Antiretroviral Research for Watoto trial16 in Uganda and