Al Jazeera examines Cubas national healthcare system.

Nevertheless, after subsidies from the previous Soviet Union ended and Cuba’s economy went into a tailspin, nothing was the same once again, based on the news agency, which notes the operational system experiences drug shortages, patients have long wait times, and some hospitals are filthy or malfunctioning. In all fairness, in the past five years, the government has made great efforts to really improve hospitals and health centers, but again, insufficient resources is making the procedure slow painfully, Al Jazeera writes, adding, The system is free, but it can be neither fast nor efficient for just two important reasons. One is the insufficient financial resources obviously, and the additional – – which relates to the first – – is the ‘export’ of doctors, nurses and dentists in exchange for hard currency.Additionally, a fresh geographic region centered on Russia, India and China was made which resulted in the doubling of Abbott’s growth rate in those countries. Lately, the company acquired Solvay Pharmaceuticals, obtaining a diverse top quality generics portfolio and offering significant vital mass in essential emerging markets. Because of these combined actions, Abbott is now among the leading multi-national health care companies in numerous emerging markets. Approximately 20 % of Abbott’s pharmaceutical product sales today are in emerging markets. Emerging Markets Opportunity Pharmaceutical product sales in emerging markets are expected to grow at 3 x the price of developed markets and account for 70 % of the industry’s growth over the next many years.