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ADHD drugs may up risk of heart disease in kids Whether drugs utilized to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder raise the risk of heart conditions in children remains a subject of concern sildenafil citrate . Now, analysis from Denmark suggests medicines such as Ritalin and Concerta make uncommon cardiac problems doubly likely, although still uncommon. ‘The chance of adverse cardiac ramifications of ADHD medication is real and really should not be forgotten,’ said research lead writer Dr. Soren Dalsgaard, an associate professor at Aarhus University. Nevertheless, doctors and parents shouldn’t be alarmed and take children off stimulant medicine if they have advantages from it and no cardiac symptoms, he stated.

AET-GPB educate Us citizens on the dangers of childhood obesity Aetna and Georgia Public Broadcasting have kicked off a 12-month statewide multi-media advertising campaign to raise awareness of the increased dangers of childhood weight problems. Funded by a $50,000 grant from the Aetna Foundation, the campaign shall include community health events in Atlanta, Macon, Columbus and Savannah; a series of tv and radio spots; and a 60-minute television special which will air tonight. A GPB phone bank and on-line chat will connect audiences with several specialists led by the Georgia Department of Community Health. Sonny Perdue. Georgia Public Broadcasting will sponsor a community wellness event Sept. 26 in Atlanta. Other occasions are scheduled Oct. 2 in Augusta, Nov.