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Hes an AWESOME God! I’m thankful for cures for cancer, a holistic approach to health that incorporates brain, body, center and spirit and I’m thankful for entire and fermented foods. That I still possess free information and may still be responsible for my own wellness. I am thankful for my knowledge of nutrition. It has enabled me to teach my family the need for a sound body and mind. Getting alive, being healthy, being free, having meals, having shelter, having like, family, wish, compassion, generousity.In cases of useful turnover, a badly functioning employee leaves, instead of dysfunctional turnover, when well-performing employees leave. Authors recommend that organizations pay attention to the type of turnover occurring, and stage that their data suggest that when most RNs keep their careers, they go to another health care job. Creating a standard definition of turnover would proceed quite a distance in helping determine the reason why for RN turnover and whether managers ought to be worried about their institutions' turnover prices, said Brewer. A higher rate of turnover at a hospital, if it's voluntary, could be problematic, but if it's involuntary or if nurses are moving within a healthcare facility to another unit or position, that tells an extremely different story.