ASTRO to award $8.

The Survivor Circle grant can help us tremendously because we grant immediate financial assist with cancer patients, said Kimberly Liebowitz, MSW, executive director of The Tumor Base of Northeast Georgia. It will also help raise awareness of our organization and the financial challenges faced by cancer individuals. Many people don't think about the financial piece; they think about research and education, but it's vital that you remember the financial effect of cancer.[09:45:22 am]: Your chat session is over. Thanks for contacting us, and we hope we’ve answered your questions. Have a great day. [09:45:22 am]: 10/11/2013 Source:.

African leaders should ‘take action’ to implement human-rights structured laws, policies to improve HIV response Noting the release of a written report from the Global Commission on HIV and regulations showing that ‘punitive laws and regulations are standing up in the form of effective Helps responses,’ Festus Mogae, former president of Botswana, and Stephen Lewis, co-founder and co-director of AIDS-Free Globe, both known members of the commission, write in a health-e opinion piece, ‘We cannot hope for an HIV-free generation whenever we have laws and regulations that marginalize and punish those most susceptible to the disease.’ They say that certain laws and regulations and customs in Africa ‘undermine the power of women to safeguard themselves’ and marginalize sex employees and men who have sex with men .