Chagas Disease Parasite Prevalent in Texas Kissing Bugs: TUESDAY.

The disease can also cause enlargement of the esophagus, colon and center. In some full instances, those contaminated with T. Cruzi can form heart failure. To regulate how prevalent T. Cruzi is certainly among bugs in west Texas, the study authors collected and tested 39 kissing bugs. Of these bugs, 61 % were infected with the parasite, the study found. Results were published in the October problem of the journal Acta Tropica. The researchers noted that pets, such as for example cats and dogs, are also vulnerable to the parasite.Seashores 2013 The best beaches in the united states according to ‘Dr. Beach,’ coastal expert Stephen P. Leatherman Of nearly 3, 500 samples used at beaches around the united states annually, Great Lakes seashores have the highest failure rate, with high bacteria levels excessively, the defense council said. This finding confirms that water pollution caused by storm-water sewage and runoff overflows persists at many U.S. Beaches, the agency said. Storm-water runoff frequently includes trash, chemicals, oil and animal and human waste and also bacteria and viruses. ‘It’s really our urban slobber going untreated into local waterways,’ Fleischli said.