Department and professor chairman at the Medical University of SC.

‘Dr. Hannun is an agreeable one who cares about relationships in research and is ready to help the careers of others,’ said George Carman, director of the Rutgers Middle for Lipid Study and associate editor for the JBC. The Avanti Award in Lipids recognizes outstanding research contributions in the certain area of lipids. The award includes a plaque, $3,000 and travel expenses for the recipient to present a lecture at the ASBMB annual achieving.. ASBMB honors South Carolina researcher with Avanti Award for sphingolipid work The American Society for Molecular and Biochemistry Biology has named Yusuf Hannun, department and professor chairman at the Medical University of SC, in Charleston, S.C., the champion of the Avanti Award in Lipids.Flemming Forsberg, Ph.D., professor of Radiology, will receive $895,000 more than 2 yrs to study a method of measuring portal venous pressure to assist in the diagnosis and administration of portal hypertension, which is definitely defined as elevated internal pressure in the hepatic portal vein. ‘Elevated pressure in the blood vessels of the liver can lead to significant complications, including inner death and bleeding,’ Dr. Forsberg said. ‘An accurate marker for portal hypertension would effect literally millions of People in america with liver disease.’ Dr. Forsberg and his research team will research a novel ultrasound technique called subharmonic-aided pressure estimating , which really is a noninvasive procedure found in the diagnosis and administration of portal hypertension.