Dont feel too bad thats the way Barack Obama wants it.

It’s shocking that our government would actually imagine selling out the general public in such a fashion. The TPP and the bills to check out will affect us above all else that President Obama has done while in office – – that is his accurate legacy, and it ain’t good. The bills effectively take away the United States’ position as a sovereign nation with regards to trade. We shall become only 1 voice in an international tribunal, where even the smallest and poorest countries have the same say in issues regarding trade, international copyrights, environmental regulations and more. To begin with, it will mean even more off-shoring of American jobs due to incentives that may make it appealing for companies to relocate to poorer countries. This will lead to the loss of thousands of decent-paying careers in the U.S.Like dabigatran, the direct factor Xa inhibitors are effective for stroke avoidance in sufferers with atrial fibrillation,23,24 but these data cannot be extrapolated to individuals with mechanical heart valves because the mechanisms of thrombosis are different. Rivaroxaban has been effectively tested for the prevention of thromboembolic complications associated with mechanical heart valves in preclinical studies,25 but our research did not provide evidence of the efficacy and basic safety of the selected dosing algorithm, despite favorable outcomes of preclinical studies.7-9 In conclusion, the full total results of our phase 2 research indicate that at the doses analyzed, dabigatran was not as effective as warfarin for preventing thromboembolic complications in individuals with mechanical heart valves and was associated with an increased risk of bleeding.