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But he won’t go on Larry King Live – where he could reach an incredible number of viewers – or anyplace celebrity anti-vaccine crusaders like Jenny McCarthy show up. ”Every story includes a hero, victim, and villain,” he explains. ”McCarthy may be the hero, her child is the victim – and that leaves one part for you.” When she read that hecklers had been issuing death threats to spokespeople who basically reported studies showing that vaccines had been safe, anthropologist Sharon Kaufman dropped her life’s focus on aging to review the theory’s hold on public discourse.But with vaccines, no proof efficacy is necessary. No placebo-controlled studies have to be conducted at all. Vaccines could be openly marketed and prescribed without any evidence that they actually work. This is actually the new free pass for Big Pharma – – a class of medicine that requires no proof! They merely need to be injected right into a few hundred people who are noticed for less than two weeks to discover if anybody passed away or collapses right into a coma. That’s all the testing that’s required . No long-term safety exams are pursued or required, and, importantly, there is no requirement that the vaccine proves it actually works to reduce flu attacks .