Every month for 30 months.

Every month for 30 months, the women underwent HIV tests, and answered questions about their sexual behavior, precautions and gel and condom use.The results showed that:The incidence of HIV in the active gel group of 5.6 per 100 woman-years .in sum, a significant 39 % lower rate of HIV incidence in the active gel compared to placebo.in high adherers , HIV incidence was lower by 54 % in the active gel group.lower intermediate and low adherers , was to reduce the rate of HIV infection 38 and 28 %.There were no serious side effects. The researchers concludedFDA Approves Avandamet How inital therapy in the treatment of type 2 diabetesGlaxoSmithKline announced today FDA approval of Avandamet for use as initial treatment of type 2 diabetes as an adjunct to diet and exercise.

Other sources NIH / NIAID, The Lancet , Microbicide Trials Network,Written by: Catharine Paddock, PhD Copyright: Medical News TodayIn, study, published as a breakthrough study, researchers as a study in South Africa runs a vaginal microbicide with the antiretroviral drugs test tenofovir found that it significantly reduces women’s risk of HIV infection by 39 % when compared to placebo.Moreover, the serious occurrence rate lower in CYPHER stent arm had in comparison to both CABG and bare-metal stent arms. Triple years after treatment, 91.6 % of patient, Stent received vivid and not experienced a stroke or a cardiac infarction, compared to 89 % patients in the CABG arm of and 86.7 % of patients in the bare-metal stent arm. CYPHER CYPHER Stent arm against the bare metal stent of branch reached statistical significance (p is 0.

The CYPHER Stent is not indicated for patients with multi-vessel disease in the U.S. Drug-eluting CYPHER Stent.

On Cordis Corporationbusinesses Cordis Corporation, a J & J is world leader in the developing and manufacturing interventional of vascular technological. A better position the company of innovation, research and development, physicians worldwide are better able of of patients who from vascular disease.