FLEX Spas synergy to help bolster safety criteria.

AHF will offer you tests for sexually transmitted diseases also, as well as promotional items and safer sex education materials, in the coming weeks. Additionally, the non-profit will partner with FLEX Spas to supply condoms at the upcoming Atlanta Pride celebration on October 12 and 13. ‘FLEX Spas is excited to partner with the Helps Healthcare Foundation upon this groundbreaking effort,’ mentioned Todd J. Saporito, President/CEO of FLEX Spas. ‘We think that FLEX Spas has a unique possibility to reach customers, influencing health consciousness and linkage to care.All patients provided written informed consent. The Duke Clinical Research Institute served as the data-coordinating center, and the IPFnet steering committee oversaw all aspects of the study’s conduct. The scientific steering committee beneath the direction of the coprimary investigators created the design and concept of the study, approved the statistical program, had full access to all the data, and interpreted the data. The composing committee wrote the initial draft of the manuscript. The steering committee made subsequent revisions, considered the manuscript to be faithful to the protocol, and made the decision to submit it for publication.