For a patient even.

ACP president reminds physicians about ethics principle Honesty is a primary professional obligation and lying, for a patient even, can be a breach of that obligation, J. Fred Ralston Jr., MD, FACP, president of the American University of Physicians reminded all doctors, like the organization’s 130,today 000 internal medicine physician and medical student members . ACP’s statement was issued amid reported dilemma surrounding ill notes issued without a medical evaluation to some protesters absent from work to attend rallies at the state capitol in Madison, Wis.

Healthcare system? Current models of healthcare delivery present both obstacles and opportunities for attaining quality and efficiency in pain-related care, according to Daniel Carr, MD, Tufts University in his keynote address at the American Discomfort Society Annual Scientific Meeting. Recent triumphs in biomedical technology have extended lifespan, but the futility and unsustainable price of dealing with advanced disease possess brought healthcare back full circle to its ancient roots with interventions intended primarily to reduce symptoms, said Carr. Today we are in the midst of a disjointed and politically volatile reshaping of the American health care system, and chronic pain is by far one of the most costly and prevalent conditions which has to be addressed.