Hygiene plays a very important role in the life of people.

Other than curing diseases we offer healthy eatables also. Bee products can be found at Abaco Wellness. Regular usage of honey allows you to stay match. Abaco Health sells bee products made of pure honey. Eating sweets and sugary food can harm your teeth. The oral hygiene products available at Abaco Health are ideal. You may have noticed advertisements of different toothpaste on television. These toothpastes may contain chemicals which along with whitening your teeth shall destroy them to a certain degree.The median overall survival was not reached for either group . The primary end point was fulfilled, and the analysis was unblinded so that sufferers in the placebo group could cross over to lenalidomide therapy. Of 128 eligible sufferers without disease progression in the placebo group, 86 received lenalidomide therapy. Of October 31 The median follow-up as, 2011, was 34 months. Eighty-six of the 231 patients in the lenalidomide group as compared with 132 of the 229 individuals in the placebo group experienced disease progression or experienced died .