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The marketplaces in Eastern Europe show double-digit growth, notably Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Romania. In Greece, net turnover in the first one fourth 2008 increased by over 51 percent, while Romania more than doubled its sales. In the Latin America, Canada and South Africa region total net turnover increased 7.2 percent compared to the first quarter last year. The growth is mainly related to strong functionality from both the OTC and Rx businesses in Brazil, as well as favourable impact from exchange prices. Additionally, sales of Pantoprazole in Canada continuing to develop well regardless of the entry of generics. Sales in Argentina are displaying very positive trends aswell. With the start of a fresh marketing and sales existence in Venezuela, Nycomed shall be within the 4 biggest Latin American pharmaceutical markets.When that happens it takes even more time to get rid of your acne, and longer to return back to a routine that is working even.. PRESS RELEASE ASHP CEO Paul W. Abramowitz, Pharm.D., Sc.D. , FASHP, today joined national leaders from over 150 major food companies, retailers, and human being and animal health stakeholders at the White colored House Discussion board on Antibiotic Stewardship to announce commitments to implement changes over another five years to gradual the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacterias, detect resistant strains, preserve the efficacy of existing antibiotics, and stop the pass on of resistant infections. ASHP made a series of commitments, including to collaborate on the advancement of standardized metrics for pharmacy antibiotic stewardship applications and to additional foster the advancement of education, analysis, and interprofessional collaboration to address the growing problems connected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria.