In the lack of any precipitating trauma.

A boy with an agonizing flat foot A 12-year-old boy has complained of intermittent discomfort in his right feet for the past 12 a few months, in the lack of any precipitating trauma. What’s the correct diagnosis in this complete case? Case presentation A 12-year-old boy has been experiencing moderate to severe discomfort along the lateral aspect of his right feet for the past 12 months. There is absolutely no past history of preceding trauma. His symptoms are made worse by sporting activity and with strolling on uneven surfaces; ankle sprains are frequent, leading to swelling. The pain boosts with rest. He is well systemically.Resistance. Most bikes come with magnetic drives now. The bikes power themselves just from the pedaling Sometimes. In either case the resistance originates from a magnetic field. What that means practically is that level of resistance can be varied by just adjusting a setting conveniently. It means little sound which opens all kinds of possibilities also. A quiet bicycles means you can do other activities than pedaling as your trip just. Which means you can go through or listen to something at the same time you pedal. Which means less boredom and more pedaling. Many bikes sit idle basic because mindless pedaling is so boring.