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This liquid solution is not for the use of children, so children should stay from it. Before using this bimatoprost, there are some necessary precautions a person needs to follow. It is needed that a person allow doctor know if he offers allergy a reaction to this medicine or any other medicine. It is also suggested to inform the physician if a patient has any medical history of eyesight disorders like uveitis, edema, aphakia, or iritis. It must be use with proper care in eyes, and must strictly avoid placing its drops in mouth area or nose. A person with eye infection or any eye injury should inform the individual. Doctor also needs to be informed if individual have history of attention surgery. After daily usage of this medication, one is tend to get some presssing problems in his eye such as – inflammation of eyelids, decreased vision, dry eye, night time blindness, fever, discharge of bloodstream from eye, and attention irritation..Program. Under his leadership, the institution secured a top ranking in National Institutes of Wellness funding among pharmacy schools, and the Pharm.D. Program became renowned for its innovative curriculum, programs and outreach efforts. ‘I’ve great respect for Sid’s many scientific accomplishments,’ said Dean Thomas A. Baillie, Ph.D., who served on faculty with Nelson in the Section of Medicinal Chemistry for several years. ‘Further, I am impressed by the strong band of students, faculty and researchers he helped build during his period as dean. He left behind a legacy of a school with exceptional didactic and research applications.’ Two of Nelson’s main research interests are identifying the mechanisms of development and disposition of reactive drug metabolites and investigating the consequences of protein-protein interactions on framework/function human relationships of drug-metabolizing enzymes.