Including the future prospects for PCP.

That cause that cause or contribute might that include such differences include, but are not limited to, those the headings the headings Management ‘s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations and Risk Factors in the Annual Report Immtech on Form 31. – K for the year ended limited March 2007 and in its other SEC and include: Immtech ‘s ability to develop commercially viable products, Immtech achieving capacity to profitability, Immtech ‘s ability to retain key employees, the ability Immtech scientists and employees new new connections, Pharmaceuticals,ability of additional research grants, and Immtech ability to obtain regulatory approval for its drug candidates, including PCP, the success of clinical trials Immtech the dependence and contractual relations with partners, Immtech the ability to produce or a third party manufacture its drug candidates at a reasonable price, Immtech ‘s ability protect its intellectual property protect its intellectual property competition and alternative technologies; Immtech ability third Party Reimbursement payers for any product it markets receive and potential exposure to significant product liability..

K please go to.. Has agreed the Sr. Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, said:. Pafuramidine The successful completion of Phase III preliminary analysis is a major milestone on the way to registering pafuramidine for treatment of African sleeping sickness, the next major milestone will be to have the other complete the complete the 12-month follow-up protocol and for Immtech to prepare the documents for the admission application we want to have authorized pafuramidine this devastating this devastating diseases . Enrollment in this study was already in 2007 completed and all patients are expected to complete the 12-month follow-up, which is the primary endpoint of the study, in the second quarter of 2008. Subject to favorable primary analysis results of Immtech plans a New Drug Application U.S.The U.S. Department of be give two important milestones in the development of The Cancer Genome Atlas a pilot project announced in the next week.. There are already a few good examples, where have led the detection out of specific genetic changes on development of effective, targeted treatments for cancer, said NCI Deputy Director of Anna D. medicines like Herceptin for breast cancer and Gleevec to chronic myeloic leukemia and gastrointestinal stromal tumors have on offer a proof of concept that it is a high – value strategy the report of Team at Johns Hopkins is a very promising. Both TCGA and to the approach to drug discovery.

Zerhouni, We expect to ‘This landmark working offers dramatic a proof of concept to this research approach considers big promise for the understanding of genomic application to cancer. It also provides confirmation that the strategy on the Cancer Genome Atlas pilot project at NIH selected probably major discoveries important discoveries and impact of cancer care. ‘.

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