Its still a GMO [Genetically Modified Organism] but the modification was delicate.

A new way of modifying plant genes Researchers in the University of Minnesota and Massachusetts General Medical center have used a genome engineering tool they developed to produce a model crop plant herbicide-resistant without significant adjustments to it is DNA. It’s still a GMO [Genetically Modified Organism] but the modification was delicate, said Daniel Voytas, lead director and author of the U of M Middle for Genome Engineering generic levitra . We made a slight switch in the sequence of the plant’s very own DNA rather than adding international DNA.

A more scientific and rational method of AIDS is needed, says expert The Secretariat of the Joint US Program on HIV/AIDS has lost valuable ground by ignoring for a long time the contribution of long-term concurrent relationships to Africa’s AIDS epidemic, claims an expert ahead of World AIDS Day on UNAIDS could be ‘adding to the mystification of Supports Africa by promoting a needlessly overcomplicated look at of the epidemic’, says Helen Epstein, an independent consultant on public health in developing countries. She argues that lengthy term, overlapping, or ‘concurrent’ partnerships offer at least a partial description for the staggeringly high infection rates in the overall population in a few African countries, and demands UNAIDS to reassess its handling of scientific data.