Many seniors are lively and active and want to remain that way.

Seniors are becoming savvier about how to save money on prescription drugs. A 2008 Medco study reported that 66 % of older Americans switched from a brand medication to a generic over a 12-month period and 54 % have asked their doctor or pharmacist about generic alternatives. Related StoriesNew across-the-board Medicare cuts may place many patients and providers at riskACA launches nationwide effort to remove anti-competitive provision of Medicare lawASTRO worried about proposed Medicare physician payment cuts to radiation therapy’In 2008, according to a Medco-sponsored survey, a lot more than two-thirds of respondents were aware of the coverage gap,’ stated Daschner.10 and has been obtainable in former socialist economy countries for a lot more than 40 years as an aid to smoking cessation under the brand Tabex .11,12 It was 1st marketed in Bulgaria in 196413 and then became accessible in FSE countries, including Poland.11 Whenever a number of FSE countries joined the European Union, Tabex was withdrawn from a few of them. Nevertheless, it continued to be marketed in Poland, a national nation with a solid antismoking climate and energetic involvement of health professionals, where it is designed for the same as $15 for a course of treatment,11 and in Russia, where it really is available over-the-counter for the equivalent of $6 for a training course.