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A total of eight images were obtained with the use of standardized ultrasonography configurations. The baseline carotid ultrasonographic examinations had been utilized to localize the site of interest in subsequent images. Digitized still images from an electrocardiographically described diastolic framework were quantitated offline. Focal atherosclerotic plaque was excluded from the measurements. All measurements were performed in duplicate, by using an automated border-detection algorithm .0125 mm . The intraobserver variability was 0.0055 mm .001 mm or less. LDL cholesterol was measured with the use of a direct assay. C-reactive proteins was measured by means of a high-sensitivity, commercially available immunoturbidimetric assay that uses monoclonal antibodies against C-reactive protein .There are many varieties of bananas which range from large to little and from yellowish to green. They can be found and so are grown in almost every country widely. So, are you curious enough to learn the many health advantages? Read on to find out. Health benefits of bananas: 1. Protection against diabetes Bananas certainly are a good food option for diabetics, whose diet choices are limited. It particularly protects against type 2 diabetes and supports glucose and insulin administration.