Naps CAN DO a Heart Good: MONDAY.

The extensive research can only point to a link, however, and it generally does not prove that naps will curb heart disease. Relating to Kallistrato, ‘our study shows that not merely is midday sleep associated with lower blood vessels pressure, but sleeps are a lot more beneficial longer. We also found that hypertensive individuals who slept at noon were under fewer antihypertensive medicines compared to those who didn’t sleep reports . The resulting losses in standard of living and productivity can trap people in a routine of poverty and stigma and diminish their capability to look after themselves and their families,’ the PLoS ‘Talking about Medicine’ blog page writes.The FIELD study,15 a randomized trial of monotherapy with fenofibrate , showed a substantial reduction in the necessity for laser therapy for either macular edema or proliferative retinopathy in the fenofibrate group as compared with the placebo group . Our results provide further evidence that fenofibrate slows the progression of diabetic retinopathy. We did not demonstrate a significant aftereffect of intensive versus standard blood-pressure control about the progression of diabetic retinopathy at 4 years , nor was there a significant effect in virtually any of the prespecified subgroups . In contrast, the United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Research ,6 a nested trial of antihypertensive medicines, showed that intensive blood circulation pressure control achieved a substantial reduction in the progression of diabetic retinopathy and a significant decrease in moderate vision reduction after 7.5 years.