Next Monday will get a 2014 EU Prize for Females Innovators in ceremonies.

Agendia co-founder to be honored with 2014 European Union Prize for Women Innovators Agendia co-founder Laura van 't Veer, Ph.D., next Monday will get a 2014 EU Prize for Females Innovators in ceremonies . Dr. Among various other dignitaries in attendance to honor Dr. Van 't Veer will be Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The prize acknowledges the real ways that Dr. Van 't Veer and MammaPrint have fundamentally changed breast cancer care, with profound implications for treatment outcomes, patient quality-of-life, and the healthcare economy. Dr. The MammaPrint genomic check developed by Dr.

In conjunction with clinical factors, ColoPrint further individualizes the relapse risk assessment for cancer of the colon patients. This definitive risk stratification device improves the identification of individuals most likely to benefit from adjuvant therapy. ColoPrint’s definitive results will enable doctors to choose treatment plans for cancer of the colon individuals that are personalized for each patient’s individual needs, said David Macdonald, Agendia CEO. We expect ColoPrint to become well received amongst physicians and patients for a far more personalized management of this disease.