The co-authors had been Kenneth N. Barker, Salisa C. Westrick, and Kristen L. Helms.. PRESS RELEASE WASHINGTON, DC – The American Pharmacists Association Academy of Pharmaceutical Study and Research today announced the recipients of the 2015 APhA Postgraduate Greatest Paper Awards. The recipients had been chosen through the 2015 APhA Annual Getting together with & Exposition in NORTH PARK. The Postgraduate Best Paper Awards acknowledge the author of the greatest contributed paper shown at the APhA Annual Getting together with & Exposition by a postgraduate student.This bivalve mollusk is normally reported to have curing benefits. Benefits of Green Lipped Mussel Extract In the sixties, scientists from the United States of America and Great Britain carried out testing to discover if this sort of mussel could be a get rid of for cancer. Unfortunately, the extract got no effect on malignant cells. However, researchers unintentionally determined that individuals in the study said that they had less joint discomfort and stiffness after consuming the said mussel.