The results showed:During 22 years of follow-up was in the NHS 1 trial is documented 5.

The results showed:During 22 years of follow-up was in the NHS – 1 trial is documented 5,500 cases of type 2 diabetes among the participants, during more than 14 years, there were 2,359 cases in NHS II gave participants and over 20 years it 2648 among the HFP participants.

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He and his colleagues found that consuming five or more servings of rice per week was associated with an increased risk, but eating two or more servings of brown rice was linked to a lower risk of developing type – 2 diabetes.The National Library of Medicine , a part of the National Institute of Health , announces an interactive website that shows maps-on – height and position of certain toxic chemical liberated into the environment the United States. Which Web site, referred TOXMAP is charge and no registration is required. To the Web address is.

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