The scholarly study discovers that titanium dioxide coatings.

Air-pollution-removal technology in self-cleaning paints could cause more problems than they solve Analysis by Indiana University environmental scientists implies that air-pollution-removal technology used in self-cleaning paints and building surfaces may actually cause more problems than they solve. The scholarly study discovers that titanium dioxide coatings, noticed as promising for his or her role in wearing down airborne pollutants on contact, are likely in real-world circumstances to convert abundant ammonia to nitrogen oxide, the key precursor of harmful ozone pollution .

Quality of air forecast play an increasing role in mitigating health risk As the link between air pollution and many illnesses has been established, air quality forecast will play a growing part in mitigating health risk. We are all subjected to polluted surroundings.5 millionths of a meter in diameter. Indeed, their small size allows them to penetrate in to the lungs deeply. They can reach as far as the bloodstream circulation system, thus enhancing cardiovascular risk. Furthermore, they combine with organic compound and become potentially carcinogenic. Now, models able to forecast air pollution have been made to prevent such side effects. Locally, quality of air managers will use such data alongside additional smaller scale models to forecast quality of air of a city or an area.