We are nothing nothing less than a new area of CNS disorders assessment.

A new section in MS assessment’examines with these discoveries and many other potential biomarkers still, we are nothing nothing less than a new area of CNS disorders assessment, ‘Prof Filippi concluded. ‘Rather than the dark for months or years, or dependent on very expensive and burden diagnostic tools, we increasingly understand surrogates that bio – language of the body. It leads us in a relatively simple way to correct diagnosis and let us see the evolution of the disease and / or treatment. We expect that continue this shift in diagnostic paradigms and still get more exciting opportunities in the coming years. ‘.


‘Especially with the multiple Sclerosis and some diseases such as optic neuritis and optic neuritis, a number of new biomarkers now very quickly quickly and non-invasively confirm or reject a diagnosis , about 600,000 the result and check if the chosen in that particular in this particular patient, ‘said Prof. Massimo Filippi said today at the 21st Meeting of the European Neurological Society in Lisbon. More than 3,200 neurological experts from around the are currently discussing the are currently discussing the latest developments in all areas of their specialty in the Portuguese capital..Employees who do not smoke are a reduction in their annual health bonus incentive arrangements, optionally healthier life.. Cessation programs, and Addiction Experts meet at Commonwealth Club, measures for reduce tobacco use.

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